Max is a successful modern woman. So why did her boyfriend who, if we’re being honest, doesn’t have a whole lot going on, break up with her? Max will do whatever it takes to find out. Even if it means breaking the rules of time travel which, as she’s repeatedly warned, could have dire consequences.

Mission Statement

Our female-led team is excited to play with tropes of women in comedy and sci-fi and tell a story in those genres through a critical feminist lens. We believe the best way to change the world is through story. And dinosaur jokes.

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About The Project

Rich men are launching themselves into space but we still have to Google lists of “women in sci-fi” to find a good Netflix and chill movie? Nah-uh. Not on our watch that keeps going in loops because we haven’t quite figured out this time travel technology yet. 

We want to tell a story that lets women be their full messy selves and also sends them on a romp through time and space. Because what better avenue to explore the psychological impacts of a breakup than risking all of humanity to get your boyfriend back? 

Women’s stories are vastly underrepresented in both sci-fi and comedy. Often, the female characters we see are “strong female characters” – the ones that kick butt and make all good and selfless decisions so that men can break rules and say stupid things like, “I know.” when you’re trying to have a real conversation about your feelings. 

Through the story of Breakup Time Machine, we want to take those tropes and crush them with our very practical Doc Martens because by god we will not be travelling through time in high heels, we will not.