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Thanks to our generous supporters, we’ve now raised enough money to move into production! Here’s the problem, we don’t have enough money to pay our talented and hardworking cast and crew. We believe people should be paid fairly for their creative work. We’ve got an amazing cast and crew lined up and your contribution will help us be able to pay them. If we reach our campaign goal, we’ll be able to pay everyone a small honorarium for their work. If we pass the goal, we’ll be able to pay a fair rate for the hard work going into this project.

If this campaign passes our wildest imaginations, we’ll be able to put funds raised towards post-production costs. 

Once we’ve finished the film, we’ll be submitting to international film festivals and will host a backers-only digital screening. 

Spread The Word

You’re basically an influencer, right? Do you have friends, family members, distant cousins, or colleagues you wish wouldn’t follow you on Instagram? Maybe they’d be interested in this bombastic film, too! We’d be forever grateful if you could share this on social media, by email, or by word-of-mouth. If you’d like some handholding, here’s a copy-pastable message for your socials:

“Time travel. Romance. Women in flats. Destroying the space-time continuum. We need this film! Help bring Breakup Time Machine from the void into the world by pledging us on Seed and Spark.